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Earn and trade razer silver for awesome game rewards

The industry is hungry for processing power as it can be used to practice, plan, and run businesses, as well as solve problems. Hence, applications that utilize idle computer processing power to yield distributed network needs are developed. One such app is Gamma. Developed by Gamma Innovations, Inc, this free utility software enables you to efficiently put your idling CPU into good use. It does this by selling spare processor power, which will allow you to earn razer silvers. In return, you can use this silver to redeem game content. Among the reward you can get are skins and other in-game credits for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Eve, Fortnite Battle Royale, and League of Legends.

Make use of your CPU’s idle time

Gamma is the upgraded version of GammaNow—no longer available. The amount of razer silver you can get is based on how much time you run Gamma as well as the available resources your GPU could provide to supply their needs. You have to save up these silvers until you hit the target number needed to get the reward you want. The razer silvers you earned can be redeemed through Razer’s online marketplace.  

Gamma is easy-to-operate even by beginner users. The app only requires you to sign in, and it can be left idle in your background with no mouse movement or by clicking the start button to manually begin it. Bear in mind that when this tool’s in use, your computer could slow down. It is recommended for you to use mouse movement detection. So, whenever you’re playing a game, it will stop working for you to fully enjoy your game. 

Gamma is a must-have application, especially for every gamer. It offers truckloads of game rewards in exchange for your PC’s processing power and resources. Unfortunately, CPU mining is not supported in this upgraded version as they are focusing on establishing a GPU network first.


  • Earn razer silver stars
  • Trade to get game rewards for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Eve, Fortnite Battle Royale and League of Legends
  • Mouse movement detection
  • Efficiently use your PC’s idle time


  • Makes your computer slow down when in use
  • CPU mining is not supported


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Gamma 1.5.7293.6244 for PC


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